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Mind Body Future Suspension Trainer | Home Fitness Equipment

All-in-one suspension trainer for strength, flexibility, mobility and endurance training!

  • HIGH QUALITY EQUIPMENT - Strong stitching, heavy-duty hardware & super comfortable grip and thus performs suspension fitness with far greater stability and depth.  Full package included: suspension straps x 2, door anchor x 1, handle strap & foot cradle x 2, mesh bag x 1, instruction booklet x 1
  • VERSATILE - Train your strength & flexibility without going to the gym. This bodyweight training equipment can workout every single muscle such as arms, legs, chest, shoulders, abs, back & bum!
  • EASY TO USE & INSTALL - Just anchor the suspension straps to door, iron fence or other firm structures; for workout outdoors, it's also perfect for using a pole or tree to anchor it.  You'll be ready to train within minutes!
  • USE AT HOME OR ON TRAVEL - With its well designed anchoring options and secure adjustable latching, this fitness training kits is adapted to many workout environments such as home, office, hotel room, park or anywhere outdoor, inspiring you to do more exercises and get fit!
  • SUITABLE FOR EVERYONE - If you're new, don't worry, we've included a complete guide on how to set up your equipment with some basic exercises to get you started on your fitness journey!

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