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Assam Black | Tempo Loose Leaf Tea

A Malty Flavoured Amber Coloured Blend Tea, Famed For Its Full-Bodied Strength!

  • Healthy Choice, Packed With Antioxidants | One of the most beloved beverages with impressive health benefits & antibacterial properties which may improve general wellbeing.  The top benefits of Assam tea include boosting cardiovascular health, preventing certain cancers, improving cognitive function, and speeding the metabolism.
  • Distinct Flavour | This blend is made from a tea plant known as Camellia sinensis. The level of oxidation and unique production process gives it a unique colour which ranges from amber to dark brown.Assam tea has a malty, slightly mellow, earthy flavour with a rich savoury aroma. It iswell suited to pairing with full-flavoured foods such as meat and spicy dishes.
  • Slow Caffeine Release | Assam tea contains high caffeine content, however, it has a significantly different effect on the mind and body when compared to coffee, thanks to a substance called L-theanine.  The unique combination of L-theanine with caffeine makes this tea a unique beverage that promotes mental focus, increases energy, yet reduces anxiety and stress. Studies at Brain and Cognition Laboratory, Oxford University, in the UK, have shown that L-theanine increases the neurotransmitters that balance our moods and controls serotonin and dopamine which makes make us feel good! 
  • High-Quality Product | All Tempo loose teas have been carefully sourced from our trusted suppliers in Taiwan and quality checked to ensure you always get the best offering. 
  • What's Included | Loose leaf Black Assam tea.  Each tea comes in a 300ml reusable glass cork jar (55g).

🍃 We recommend using one teaspoon of tea leaves per person and pour boiling water into the teacup first and then into a teapot or infuser – this way the measurements will be exact for your brew.

🍃 Once the tea is brewed, make sure all liquid is poured out so the leaves won’t stew and become bitter. You can even use the leaves for a second or third infusion!

🍃 Remember, leaf teas need a little longer to infuse than teabags.  A tea leaf has so much to offer & takes its time to taste just right!

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