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Fast Cook Tapioca Boba - ready in 6 minutes!

Summer has arrived with our Strawberries & Cream!

Sweet, juicy & luscious Peach Popping Juice Balls

Rainbow Popping Boba | All Proceeds go to The NHS! | Flavours include: Strawberry, Mango, Apple, Blue Lychee & Blueberry

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Bamboo Long Sleeve Top

94% Bamboo, 6% Spandex, 180gsm

Bamboo Batwing Tempo Sweater

68% Bamboo, 27% Cotton, 5% Spandex, 240gsm

Free UK Delivery over £40

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GLASGOW | Saturday deliveries available!  Get your Boba fix delivered straight to your door!

EDINBURGH | Saturday deliveries available!  Get your Boba fix delivered straight to your door!

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SeoulRush X Tempo - K-POP Bubble Pop Party 5

Hi bloggers!

We loved seeing you at our K-POP Bubble Pop party, and you loved being there!

We're going again, bringing it back bigger and better. With a dance group from the get go- to drinks and DJ'ing from Prism!
Our extreme early bird tickets will be priced at £3.50, but have completely sold out! 

We've got our new promo - £5 for our general early bird ticket With this, you'll be given a Tempo Glass bottle, which fits any standard tea in store; and gives you 50p off future drinks for not wasting any plastic.

We're stepping it up, with VIP K-POP mystery packs with our all new range of K-POP stock. We'll have over £20 RRP worth of random goodies in each pack for £15 - so from today you'll be able to pre-order your ticket, a bottle AND a K-POP mystery bundle for the one sum of £15. Perfect for fans of both K-POP and Tempo Bubble Tea.

Nab your tickets on our link below, as the £5 deal is only valid until the 26th of April, getting you your night out and a Tempo glass bottle for less than the price of a Glass Bottle in store. Please note that this event is 18+